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Welcome to the Insight project. Insight is an easy to use web site log file analysis tool that produces accurate, high quality graphical visitor reports, and is aimed at non-technical users.

It supports log files in the following formats:

Insight is free software, released under the GNU GPL License, and requires Java version 1.4 or newer.


12th January 2006

Insight version 0.4 released (download, release notes).

No this project isn't dead! This is mostly a maintenance release with lots of internal code clean ups and a few minor fixes. The minimum Java version required is now 1.4.


31st January 2003

Insight version 0.3.1 released (download, release notes).

Improved report format, recognises the Mozilla browser, and the release download files now contain text files in Windows format (.zip) or Unix format (.tar.gz).


21st January 2003

Insight version 0.3 released (download, release notes).

Added domain, browser and robot descriptions.


23rd September 2002

Insight version 0.2 released (download, release notes).

The visitor reports now include Pie Charts and Line Graphs. Any Sun JRE version 1.2 or newer can be used.



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